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  1. Rees, Clare PhD
  2. Wirihana, Lisa PhD, RN
  3. Eley, Rob PhD
  4. Ossieran-Moisson, Rebecca MSc
  5. Hegney, Desley PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: This article reports findings from a 2016 survey exploring the working life of nurses/midwives in Queensland, Australia. Responses related to occupational violence (OV) are reported.


BACKGROUND: OV is linked to high rates of burnout. It is imperative to continue efforts to understand how to avoid burnout and build nurse/midwives' resilience.


METHODS: A total of 2397 nurse/midwives working in Queensland responded to the survey and were asked to answer 8 questions related to OV.


RESULTS: In the last 3 months, 53% of nurses/midwives had experienced OV. Those respondents had significantly higher rates of burnout and lower resilience and rated the practice environment lower than their counterparts who had not experienced violence.


CONCLUSIONS: The experience of OV significantly impacts nurse resilience and levels of burnout. To retain nurses, attention must be given to reduce OV and support nurses who have experienced it.