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As many of you know, the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA) is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. This is a particularly important time because we are moving out of our first few years of publication and into the next stage of growth. For those among you who are longtime readers, you have been able to witness the growth of the Journal. We have a wide variety of columns at this point, and it is always exciting to see what the next great ideas will be. With this in mind, I again extend an invitation to you, the readers, to become actively involved with our Journal and with the dermatology nursing community. As my colleagues, many of you inspire me with the work you do and the knowledge you have. Would you consider joining the work we do for the Journal? We are always looking for volunteers to be actively involved, serving as authors, reviewers, and editorial board members. Or, perhaps, maybe you would like to become involved more actively as a reader, offering feedback or participating with social media efforts. The knowledge dermatology nurses have should be shared. Many of our nurse colleagues across specialties have been doing this sharing for a very long time. Many of our landmark nursing journals have a storied history, but one of their shared characteristics is article authorship by knowledgeable nurses. By virtue of their selected articles, these journals offer insight to the work nurses do, whether it be clinical or research and individual or population focused. As Editor in Chief of the JDNA, I have been afforded the opportunity to meet other editors of these hallmark nursing journals. Because of my position, I am a member of the International Academy of Nursing Editors. One of the most recent initiatives developed by this organization is a program to honor these landmark nursing journals and the contributions they have made and continue to make to the art and science of nursing.

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During the 37th Annual Meeting of the International Academy of Nursing Editors, in August 2018, the inaugural class of the Nursing Journal Hall of Fame was inducted. The official announcement about this landmark event states, "The International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE) has established the Nursing Journal Hall of Fame to recognize scholarly nursing journals that have 50 or more years of continuous publication and sustained contributions to nursing knowledge." Figure 1 lists the inaugural 13 journals and their founding dates. The statement continues, "The 13 inaugural journals are international in scope and cumulatively represent 978 years of scholarly publication in nursing. The journals are a cross section of professional nursing practice, research, education, and leadership and demonstrate depth in nursing excellence and scholarship through the published literature" (International Academy of Nursing Editors, 2018).

Figure 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowFIGURE 1. Inaugural journals of the Nursing Journal Hall of Fame.

This quite impressive listing of journals offers good examples of where scholarly nursing writing has been and can continue to go. I know the JDNA is only one fifth of the way there in terms of time, but I would like to think that, one day, our Journal could be considered for the Nursing Journal Hall of Fame. We still have 40 years to go until the Journal is eligible for this consideration, but I would hope that you will join me in being a part of the history of our Journal. What contributions can you make? How can you help the JDNA have a legacy of excellence?


As always, I am looking forward to hearing from you,


Angela L. Borger


Editor in Chief


mailto:[email protected]




International Academy of Nursing Editors. (2018). INANE establishes Nursing Journal Hall of Fame. Retrieved from[Context Link]