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Academic Advising, BSN Completion, Communication Framework, Messaging Materials, Nursing Academic Progression, RN to BSN



  1. Moody, Linda
  2. Teel, Cynthia
  3. Peltzer, Jill


AIM: This project developed a comprehensive set of bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) completion messaging materials that associate degree in nursing (ADN) faculty can use to advise and encourage students to complete the BSN.


BACKGROUND: The Future of Nursing report calls for increasing the proportion of baccalaureate-prepared nurses to 80 percent by 2020. Faculty who teach in ADN programs have opportunities to advise students in advancing their nursing education yet often lack information to guide these conversations.


METHOD: After development of BSN completion messaging materials, the products were evaluated by faculty from two Kansas ADN programs.


RESULTS: ADN faculty positively evaluated the format and content of the messaging materials. They appreciated having a variety of customizable resources to share with students in group and individual sessions.


CONCLUSION: Next steps include disseminating the messaging materials to ADN programs and practice-based nursing leaders to guide education conversations about academic progression of ADN-prepared nurses.