1. Koschel, Mary Jo MSN, RN


Protecting patients' veins and tissue from potential trauma.


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Is it important to use filter needles when administering medication reconstituted from a powdered form or when withdrawing medication from a glass ampule?


Yes. Nursing textbooks and manufacturer inserts recommend the use of a filter needle when preparing certain powdered medications for IV or IM administration. This will prevent small particles of the medication or pieces of rubber from the rubber enclosure on the vial top from causing localized tissue irritation, necrosis, or in the case of IV medications, phlebitis or possible granuloma formation. Additionally, filter needles prevent the inadvertent administration of small glass fragments when drawing up medications from a glass ampule. Considering that many patients need ongoing medication administration, it seems prudent to protect their veins and tissue from potential trauma.


Because location of filter needles during an emergency situation oftentimes can be difficult, your department should ensure that the needles are stored at the point of care.


Don't forget to replace the filter needle with a standard one prior to transferring or administering the medication.