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  1. Starver, Kelly D. BSN, RN
  2. Shellenbarger, Teresa DNSc, APRN, BC


One way clinical nurse specialists (CNS) influence nursing practice and share professional expertise is by making presentations. This article presents strategies that clinical nurse specialists can use to enhance the effectiveness of oral presentations. Included are tips for analyzing the audience, developing content and materials, selecting presentation methods, and delivering an effective presentation.


Congratulations! The abstract submitted for an upcoming conference has been accepted for an oral presentation. Now the work to prepare and develop an effective presentation begins. Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) are frequently invited to give presentations to diverse groups, ranging from regional audiences within an employing institution to national conferences for specialty organizations. When invited to present a topic, the CNS has one major responsibility-to deliver a quality presentation that will make an educational and/or professional contribution to the audience. Few clinicians are prepared for formal public speaking or instructional media design; however, following the guidelines suggested below will help to make the right impact.