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  1. Brown, Thomas D. PharmD, MBA
  2. Michael, Martha BSN, RN, CRNI(R)
  3. Grady, David S. PharmD, MBA


While hospitals have adopted smart pump technology (SPT) featuring drug libraries and medication safety software, most home infusion providers (HIPs) continue to use traditional infusion pumps that don't offer drug libraries or medication safety software. As infusion delivery is moving from the hospital to the home, the purpose of this study was to determine whether SPT was a feasible alternative at both a hospital-based and a rural HIP. HIP personnel were trained on an ambulatory infusion pump. Patients requiring home infusion used the pump and recorded daily pump interactions for 5 to 7 days. After the creation of a drug library, clinicians felt comfortable programming pumps after 7 uses. Patients reported 100% overall satisfaction, and the majority of alarms were resolved without contacting the HIP. Ambulatory SPT can be implemented successfully by HIPs and can be used effectively by patients.