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ESAS, glioma, PROM, symptom diary, symptom management



  1. IJzerman-Korevaar, Margriet
  2. Snijders, Tom J.
  3. Teunissen, Saskia C. C. M.
  4. de Graeff, Alexander
  5. De Vos, Filip Y. F.


ABSTRACT: Background and Purpose: Symptoms in glioma patients are distinctly different from symptoms in patients with other types of cancer and have a high impact on quality of life. In this study, a stepwise approach of developing a glioma module for assessment of symptoms, based on a Dutch adapted and validated version of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System, is described. Methods: Three phases of instrument development were conducted: a systematic literature review and a focus group interview with experts were performed (phase I) to generate relevant symptoms and construct a preliminary module (phase II). In phase III, the preliminary module was evaluated (n = 25) and pretested (n = 45) in glioma patients representing all phases of the disease. Results: Our glioma module contains 11 generic and 6 neurologic symptoms. Patients completed the glioma module in a median of 5 minutes, and 56% of the patients required some assistance to complete the instrument. Conclusion: The glioma module has initial validity and will benefit from prospective validation in a larger cohort of patients with glioma.