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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, quality improvement, sudden cardiac death, teaching material



  1. Winchester, David E. MD
  2. Kittles, Irene ARNP


Background and purpose: Sudden cardiac death occurs predominantly at home where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is often not provided. We tested the hypothesis that a self-teaching kit distributed to patients would effectively increase self-confidence in CPR.


Methods: Patients seen by an advanced registered nurse practitioner in a general cardiology clinic were offered a self-teaching kit to learn CPR. Four-point scale survey questions were assessed at distribution and via phone call at 30 days.


Conclusions: Kits were distributed to 21 patients; of whom, 17 (81%) patients used the kit. Patients reported greater self-confidence of performing CPR (2.6 before versus 3.2 after, p < .05) and greater comfort if someone needed CPR (2.4 before versus 3.1 after, p < .05).


Implications for practice: Self-teaching CPR kits were used by the substantial majority of patients and were effective at increasing both self-confidence and willingness to perform CPR. Similar nurse-run programs could increase awareness and impact of CPR in communities.