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This issue of the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA) is the final one of our 10th year of publication. Throughout the year, I have tried to highlight the accomplishments of the Journal and of dermatology nurses. It is likely no secret that I think dermatology nurses are among the best representatives of nurses who are giving exemplary care to our patients. Among the dermatology nurses I call my friends and colleagues are some of the most passionate, articulate, and sharp nurses I know. It is also no secret that I want to use the JDNA as a platform to showcase the amazing work dermatology nurses are doing. However, interestingly, others all over the world are also interested in raising the profile of nurses.

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I invite you to become more familiar with the Nursing Now campaign ( Nursing Now is a global 3-year campaign (2018-2020) run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. This program is important for nurses because one of the main goals of this campaign is to "improve health globally by raising the profile and status of nurses worldwide-influencing policymakers and supporting nurses themselves to lead, learn and build a global movement" ( This campaign acknowledges the important roles nurses have in addressing the changing needs of healthcare in the 21st century and celebrates contributions and solutions that nurses are uniquely able to offer based on our experience. To help nurses in our efforts, the campaign will help to ensure that nurses' participation in leadership, policy, and decision making is maximized. Nursing Now runs through the end of 2020, which coincides with the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth and a year when nurses worldwide will be celebrated. Please see Table 1 for an outline of the aims for the Nursing Now Campaign. Although many of the goals for the campaign are global and international in focus, these efforts at celebrating and elevating nursing practice cannot but help all nursing practices. In my role as Editor in Chief of the JDNA, I can make my contribution, albeit small, to helping the campaign by helping to achieve their second goal of increased and improved dissemination of effective and innovative practice in nursing. Isn't that directly compatible with the goals of the JDNA, which has always been to serve as the voice in sharing effective and innovative practice in dermatology nursing?

Table 1 - Click to enlarge in new windowTABLE 1 Nursing Now Goals for 2020

As I read more about the Nursing Now campaign, one of the things that resonated well with me were the values and principles outlined. See Table 2 for the values and principles of the Nursing Now campaign. As you read over the values and principles that influence the Nursing Now campaign, what resonates with you? What do you read in this list that you agree with and believe guides your nursing practice? The campaign states, "It's time to give nurses more recognition, investment and influence," and given these sentiments, I invite you to learn more about this campaign and consider becoming involved. The campaign Web site invites you to add your signature to pledge your support and then consider taking action to help meet these goals. Nursing Now offers guidelines and suggestions on how you can support the campaign. Of course, I would be interested in knowing what activities you are engaging in that support Nursing Now. Please feel free to share your work on behalf of this campaign; I am interested to know and would love to share with readers the good works dermatology nurses are engaging in.

Table 2 - Click to enlarge in new windowTABLE 2 Values and Principles of the Nursing Now Campaign

As always, I am looking forward to hearing from you,


Angela L. Borger


Editor in Chief






International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization. Nursing Now campaign, 2018-2020. Accessed October 17, 2018.