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interprofessional communication, interprofessional education, nursing students, personality inventory, premedical students



  1. Schwartz, Lisa EdD
  2. El-Banna, Majeda PhD, RN, CNE
  3. Conroy, JoAnn Fitzgerald DNP, RN
  4. Browne, Julia MSEd


Today's health care environment requires collaborative teams to provide safe, effective care. This study assessed the extent to which a face-to-face workshop increased nursing and premedical students' awareness of varying communication styles and their potential impact on interprofessional communication and practice. A self-assessment tool was administered before, immediately after, and 1 month after the workshop. Significant increases in familiarity working on interprofessional teams, identifying different communication styles, and ability to apply communication strategies were found immediately after and 1 month after the workshop.