1. Quinn, Brenna L. PhD, RN, NCSN, CNE

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Pharmacology is often a challenging course for nursing students. Nurse educators may find study guide posters as a valuable activity to help students learn about medications and as a teaching method that is easy to implement. Groups of students were tasked with creating visual study guide posters for randomly selected drug classes. Posters were required to display sample medication names, indications for use, mechanisms of action, side effects, and patient teaching points/nursing considerations. Because some drug classes have numerous side effects and considerations, students were instructed to select the most common or unique points for display. One requirement was for students to include at least 1 poem, 1 acronym, and 1 drawing to convey the drug information, allowing them to be creative with their posters. Drawings were permitted to have short captions. One hour was allotted for each group to conceptualize and complete the posters, with a large paper and markers provided.


Students reported enjoying the activity, noting that they had fun trying to create a poem and working together to draw certain components. Some students stated that it was a relaxing way to break up the long class. Beyond being entertained by the project, students took photos of each group's poster to reference the creative works while studying. Posters were displayed throughout the school of nursing so all students could benefit from them. Supplemental Digital Content 1,, provides examples of three of the students' posters.