1. Kuen Lee, Michelle Wai MPHC
  2. Keung Lai, Peter Chi MN
  3. Boo, Man Shan MSc
  4. Chan, Wai Kit BSN
  5. Hui, Yuk Chun MN
  6. Sze Wan, Winnie Wai MN
  7. Kwong, Wai Fung MSc


Pressure injury is a serious problem and is common in critical care units. Over the last decade, there is new evidence suggesting that the use of multilayered silicone foam dressing as preventive measures can decrease the incidence and prevalence rate of hospital-acquired pressure injury. The purpose of this study was to investigate the clinical efficacy of this dressing in reducing sacral and coccygeal pressure injury incidence rate as compared with standard preventive interventions in critical care settings.