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Treating Chronic Nonmalignant Pain

Read Snell, Hughes, Fore, Lukman, & Morgan, 22-30.


1. Chronic nonmalignant pain (CNMP) is a global problem. Describe the problem as it relates to your practice setting. What are daily implications?

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2. How might the three-phase pain assessment help address the management of chronic pain?


3. Discuss the suggested recommendations for pain management. What seems doable? What seems problematic in your workplace setting?


4. Review the CREATION model, as noted in the sidebar, page 24. How might you implement this model in caring for a person experiencing chronic pain?


5. Share an experience of assisting a patient with CNMP. How was the patient able to manage his/her pain? Were appropriate medications prescribed? Did you need to advocate for specific medication on behalf of your patient?


6. In the context of CNMP, reflect on Psalm 37:5-17 (NIV). How might a person with CNMP relate to this passage or apply it to his/her circumstances?



Norway Leads the Way in Care of the Vulnerable

Read Cone, 42-47.


1. What is Kirkens Bymisjon, and how does it help meet the needs of the vulnerable in Norway?


2. What do you find intriguing about this program? Chat with us at


3. The author states: "Values of dignity, solidarity, fellowship, compassion, justice, hope, and faith are at the heart of the Kirkens Bymisjon." How do these values align with Christian faith?


4. Read Psalm 112:4-9 (NIV). How does this teaching relate to caring for vulnerable people? What other biblical passages uphold the value of those in need?



Do You See Patients?

Read Jimenez, 61.


1. What barriers keep you from seeing a patient?

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2. Describe an instance, where, like the author, you saw a patient. What made this nurse-patient experience different? What was the setting?


3. What helps you move beyond a traditional care plan to actually caring for a patient? When is this easier? What makes it more difficult? How does your attitude impact your actions?


4. Titus 2:7-8 (ESV): "Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity and sound speech that cannot be condemned." How is dignity demonstrated to a patient? Define sound speech in a nurse-client relationship.