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  1. Elbogen, Eric B. PhD
  2. Dennis, Paul A. PhD
  3. Van Voorhees, Elizabeth E. PhD
  4. Blakey, Shannon M. MS
  5. Johnson, Jacqueline L. DrPH
  6. Johnson, Sally C. MD
  7. Wagner, H. Ryan PhD
  8. Hamer, Robert M. PhD
  9. Beckham, Jean C. PhD
  10. Manly, Tom PhD
  11. Belger, Aysenil PhD


Objective: To investigate effects of cognitive rehabilitation with mobile technology and social support on veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Participants: There were 112 dyads, comprised by a veteran and a family member or friend (224 participants in total).


Design: Dyads were randomized to the following: (1) a novel intervention, Cognitive Applications for Life Management (CALM), involving goal management training plus mobile devices for cueing and training attentional control; or (2) Brain Health Training, involving psychoeducation plus mobile devices to train visual memory.


Main Measures: Executive dysfunction (disinhibition, impulsivity) and emotional dysregulation (anger, maladaptive interpersonal behaviors) collected prior to randomization and following intervention completion at 6 months.


Results: The clinical trial yielded negative findings regarding executive dysfunction but positive findings on measures of emotion dysregulation. Veterans randomized to CALM reported a 25% decrease in anger over 6 months compared with 8% reduction in the control (B = -5.27, P = .008). Family/friends reported that veterans randomized to CALM engaged in 26% fewer maladaptive interpersonal behaviors (eg, aggression) over 6 months compared with 6% reduction in the control (B = -2.08, P = .016). An unanticipated result was clinically meaningful change in reduced PTSD symptoms among veterans randomized to CALM (P < .001).


Conclusion: This preliminary study demonstrated effectiveness of CALM for reducing emotional dysregulation in veterans with TBI and PTSD.