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PunctSure Vascular Access Imaging System

Inceptio Medical Technologies has introduced a new ultrasonic vascular access imaging system, PunctSure. The device is intended to improve procedural accuracy and efficiency for clinicians who insert vascular catheters. The portable device helps clinicians visually locate veins and arteries for precise needle placement before insertion is attempted. The device provides real-time procedure monitoring and allows hands-free operation and dual-view imaging. The PunctSure device is available through Inceptio Medical Technologies at (801) 593-6300 or visit



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Embo-Optics Firefly Infusion System

Embo-Optics has created another product in its line of illuminated infusion systems. The Firefly portable ambulatory, illuminated infusion system is a battery powered unit with stand-alone design (which does not require the use of an IV pole, but can attach to one) for administering infusions. The unit comes complete with its own small custom carrying case, rechargeable (8-hour life) battery pack, quick charge (30 minutes) universal medical grade "trickle charger," and carabineer hook mounting option attachment. Embo-Optics, LLC is the only company providing lighting solutions for the purposes of monitoring infusions in all medical environments. Contact Joel Rodriguez (978)-988-7544 or e-mail



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Mary Pat Portshirt

The Mary Pat Portshirt is a garment designed to allow the accessing of implanted ports without having the patient change into a gown. The portshirt provides easy access to a central catheter, or implanted port for blood sampling, transfusions, or chemotherapy. The portshirt was designed by Mary Pat Grieshaber, a patient who lived with aplastic anemia and had an implanted port for 6 years. Profits from the sale of this shirt will be donated to bone marrow failure research. For more information e-mail or call EJGAAF at (847) 559-0688.



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