1. Warren, Kevin G. Jr BS, RN
  2. Froehlich, Morgan PharmD
  3. Feldman, Daniel L. MD


Approaching the best way to treat and manage a patient's surgical pain following total joint arthroplasty is a challenging task. To reduce the use of opioids, we utilize many different methods working together in a synergistic way. This is the true core of multimodal pain control. This task can be accomplished with a driven effort from the interdisciplinary team mostly comprising of but not limited to the surgeon, regional anesthesiologist, nurse, and physical therapist. The team addresses education of the patient, anesthesia type, medications, and nonpharmacological interventions within the development of the pain management plan. Achieving the goal of safe, effective pain management, in this population, will lead to improved outcomes, patient satisfaction, and enhanced functional life of patients.