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Factors, Influencing, Information technology knowledge, Nurse managers



  1. Adatara, Peter PhD, MPhil, BA, RN
  2. Baku, Elizabeth Aku PhD, MPhil, BA, RN
  3. Atakro, Confidence Alorse MN, BSC, RN
  4. Adedia, David Mensah MPhil (Math), BSC
  5. Jonathan, Justice Wiston Amstrong MPhil (Chem.), BSC


This study adopted a cross-sectional design to examine the factors that influence the use of information and communication technology among 108 nurse managers in selected hospitals in the Volta Region of Ghana. A self-administered questionnaire was used to gather data. A [chi]2 test of association identified sex (P < .0001), age (P < .0001), years of work experience (P < .0001), rank of the respondents (P < .0001), computer training (P < .0001), computer ownership (P < .0001), and previous use of computers before appointment as a unit manager (P < .0001) as the factors that significantly influenced the use of information and communication technology among nurse managers.