community, nurses, outpatient, palliative care, spirituality



  1. Benton, Kathleen DrPH, MA
  2. Zerbo, Kotwoallama Reine DrPH, MPH
  3. Decker, Megan MPH
  4. Buck, Brian MPH


Palliative care (PC) is an interdisciplinary team approach to address patients' physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs to improve quality of life among those who have faced a life-threatening illness. When PC services are provided in an outpatient setting, patients can stay in their homes and have all their physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs met by a comprehensive health care team to ensure a good quality of life. Because outpatient PC clinics offer a viable option for delivering PC in communities but are not prevalent in the US health care system and were rarely described in the literature, this article has described the development and evaluation of an outpatient PC clinic that was dedicated to integrating spiritual care. Specifically, this article describes (1) the factors prompting development of the clinic and its growth, (2) how a chaplain was integrated into the PC provision process, and (3) the processes and outcomes of evaluation of this clinic.