communication skills training, curriculum development, ELNEC, palliative care education, palliative care nursing



  1. Buller, Haley MSHSC
  2. Virani, Rose BSN, MHA, OCN, FPCN
  3. Malloy, Pamela MN, FPCN, FAAN
  4. Paice, Judith PhD, RN


Nurses have unique clinical responsibilities and opportunities with patients that require strong communication skills. However, many nurses lack effective communication skills and often receive inadequate palliative care communication training and education. To promote communication education for palliative care nurses, the End-of-Life Nursing and Education Consortium created a Communication Curriculum for nurses and developed an in-person train-the-trainer course. Organized by the 8 domains of the National Consensus Project Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, a 1-day course was provided in August 2018 to 46 nurses representing 38 institutions. Completion of precourse surveys demonstrated participants' institutional resources for palliative care communication education and their greatest communication challenges. Immediate postcourse evaluations demonstrated that the course improved nurses' knowledge and confidence in communication and their ability to educate others. Palliative care nurses can incorporate communication skills into their practice and provide communication skills training to their institution.