health promotion, nutrition, organizational capacity



  1. Kelly, Cheryl M. MA, MPH
  2. Baker, Elizabeth A. PhD, MPH
  3. Williams, Deidre MPH
  4. Nanney, M S. MS, MPH
  5. Haire-Joshu, Debra PhD


Community-based public health efforts to change health behaviors and health outcomes generally involve the implementation of complex, multipronged programs, which utilize many resources, both inside and outside a single community-based organization or agency. It is becoming more apparent that the organizational capacities of these agencies influence the implementation and success of health promotion programs. However, research is limited on the specific organizational capacities (e.g., resources, training, workload, trust, communication) that influence program implementation and, thus, the ultimate impact of these programs. This article seeks to address this gap in the literature by identifying organizational capacity variables that may have influenced the delivery of a dietary change program.