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cerebrovascular accident, cultural sensitivity, health promotion, public health education, stroke prevention



  1. Aseffa, Sosena
  2. Stutzman, Sonja
  3. Kamal, Abulkadir
  4. Measho, Dawit
  5. Gebreyohanns, Mehari


ABSTRACT: Background: This study was developed to explore the efficacy of introducing the Amharic phrase "Ye-Angol Tikat," which translates to "brain attack" in English, as a mechanism to enhance stroke education among the Amharic-speaking Ethiopian community. Methods: A prospective, nonrandomized, survey was completed by 294 Amharic-speaking persons. The survey explored support and desire for a culturally appropriate terminology for stroke. Results: Most of the participants (93%) support the need for an Amharic term to describe stroke. Conclusion: This pilot project demonstrates a strong support for a descriptive and standardized terminology for stroke within the Amharic-speaking community.