1. Correal, Ester Navarro RN, MSN
  2. Leiva, Olga Benitez
  3. Galguera, Angelina Dosal
  4. Barrero, Marta Gallego
  5. Pastor, Elena Sanchez
  6. Gonzalo, M. Francisca Murciano


Telephone helplines is an effective method for helping patients with chronic diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The objective of this cross-sectional multicenter study was to assess reasons for consultation by patients with IBD to a nurse-led telephone service. The sample included 7,273 IBD patients from 6 public hospitals in Barcelona, Spain. Data collected included calls registered during 50 working days including caller characteristics, reason for consultation, patient's diagnosis, and action recommended. The most common reasons for consultation were suspicion of relapse, doubts regarding medication, drug monitoring, side effects, visit appointment, and request of test results. In 63.7% of cases, telephone calls were solved solely by nurses, and in 35.9% in collaboration with a physician. Patient's questions were resolved via telephone in 89.3%. Findings from this study add support of the nurse's role for providing an effective telephone service for resolution of a wide range of patient queries in IBD. Helplines managed by IBD nurses may be a key element for patient-centered care.