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fibrin glue, fibrin tissue adhesive, infection, pain, pilonidal sinus, platelet-rich plasma, primary closure, wound closure



  1. Alamdari, Daryoush Hamidi PhD
  2. Motie, Mohamad Reza MD
  3. Kamalahmadi, Nasim MD
  4. Aliakbarian, Mohsen MD


BACKGROUND: Pilonidal sinus is one of the most complicated chronic wounds common in younger adults. This disabling condition affects the natal clefts of the buttocks and often requires surgery.


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of autologous platelet-rich plasma and fibrin glue (PRP-FG) on pain reduction and the healing process of pilonidal sinus after excisional surgery with primary closure.


METHODS: This randomized clinical trial study included 40 patients with pilonidal sinus admitted to a surgical ward. Patients were randomly divided into two groups: the control group, who underwent wide excision of the sinus with primary closure, and the case group, who had wide excision of the sinus with primary closure along with injection of autologous PRP-FG into the wound. For 6 months, patients were followed up for their severity of pain, wound healing process, the time it took them to get back to normal activities, infection, and other complications.


RESULTS: In the first and second week after surgery, the severity of pain in the case group was reduced significantly in comparison with the control group. Healing time decreased but not significantly. There was no significant difference in infection and recurrence between the two groups.


CONCLUSIONS: The addition of PRP-FG has the potential to reduce pain significantly in primary closure of pilonidal sinus.