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hospital stakeholders, knowledge gaps, survey, training needs



  1. Gupta, Pankaj MD
  2. Naik, Madhura MD
  3. HC, Manu MD
  4. Majumdar, Anurita MD


Private hospitals and medical institutions play an important role in bridging the health care delivery gap in India. In addition to prescribing physicians, various stakeholders such as nurses, pharmacists, and hospital administrators working in these institutions contribute to the efficient delivery of health care services. The current survey was conducted with the aim of evaluating work-related challenges faced by these individual hospital stakeholders and gauging potential engagement opportunities with industry to improve the quality health care services delivered. This survey included 60 private hospitals with more than 250 beds, located in 12 Indian cities. A 2-stage approach involving in-depth qualitative discussions followed by structured quantitative interviews of all the internal stakeholders was adopted. The study delineated the roles assayed by individual hospital stakeholders as well as the major challenges encountered by them. The responses of major classes of hospital workforce on possible solutions to bridge these need gaps were also recorded. The survey identified significant gaps existing in hospitals in areas of cross-functional collaboration, scientific and technical knowledge upgrade, training of staff, and communication and coordination with internal and external stakeholders. Value-based hospital-industry partnerships can go a long way in addressing the scientific and training needs of private hospitals.