1. Howland, Wendie A. MN, RN-BC, CRRN, CNLCP, LNCC

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It's such a great pity that the Prouty Garden, donated in 1953 by a generous benefactor for the perpetual use of children, parents, and staff and so many years beloved at Boston Children's Hospital, has been razed to make way for a new building that might not even be needed by some estimates ("Little Sparrow," Reflections, February). The corporate-looking rooftop "green space" can never, ever replace this peaceful, intimate, magical oasis of big trees, path, nooks, small animal sculptures waiting to be found, mosses, benches, and cooling breezes. Children have died in peace here; small joys and big sorrows found their resting places almost daily, among them my own when my child was there years ago. This is not progress. This is not patient- and family-centered care. This is corporate medicine protesting too much.


Wendie A. Howland, MN, RN-BC, CRRN, CNLCP, LNCC via