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The Older Cancer Patient: A Guide for Nurses and Related Professionals


J. Overcash, L. Balducci (Eds.). New York, NY. Springer Publishing, 2003. 320 pp., $49.95. (212) 431-4370.


Because cancer in the older adult may present in combination with other chronic conditions, including dementia and frailty, multidisciplinary care is especially important. This book provides clinicians with essential information on the care and treatment of the older adult with cancer, including:


* barriers to treatment of cancer in the older adult,


* prevention and screening of cancer in the older adult,


* how to perform a comprehensive geriatric assessment as a method for planning multidisciplinary care,


* practical applications of quality-of-life assessment and decision analysis,


* special considerations in radiation therapy and chemotherapy with the older adult, and


* social and caregiver issues.