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clinical nursing practice, end-of-life care, nurses, palliative care, palliative care knowledge, Saudi Arabia



  1. Aboshaiqah, Ahmad E. PhD, RN


The aims of this study were to assess the palliative care knowledge among nurses in Saudi Arabia and to identify the demographic factors influencing such knowledge. A convenience sample of 365 nurses working in 2 hospitals in Saudi Arabia was surveyed using the Palliative Care Quiz for Nursing in this cross-sectional study. The mean score of the respondents in the Palliative Care Quiz for Nursing was 8.88 (SD, 1.75), which is interpreted as low knowledge. In terms of the theoretical categories of the scale, 9 of the 13 items in the category pain and symptom management were answered correctly by the majority of the respondents, whereas all the items in the psychosocial and spiritual care category were answered incorrectly by the majority of the respondents. Type of hospital, age, and attendance to palliative care education in the last 6 months were revealed as significant factors that influence the nurses' palliative care knowledge. Continuing education on palliative care should be implemented by hospital administrations, and palliative care education should target the weakness of the nurses, especially those revealed in the study, such as on the psychosocial and spiritual care, some aspects of pain and symptom management, and philosophy and principles of palliative care.