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  1. Gorski, Lisa A. RN, MS, CS, CRNI


Homecare agencies must collect, analyze, and report patient outcomes. Despite a critical need for data related to the incidence of infections and other complications related to central venous access devices (CVADs) among patients receiving homecare, this information currently is underreported and inconsistently collected by homecare agencies. Obstacles to data collection and analysis have been noted including inadequate information systems, underdeveloped infection control programs, and the lack of a universally accepted definition of a homecare infection. This descriptive survey reports 7 years of CVAD outcomes in a large, urban homecare agency. The data collection processes and definitions used in this survey are described. The reported outcomes include a relatively low incidence of CVAD-related infections, occlusions, and other complications. Demographic data, including types of home infusion therapies provided and patient self-care outcomes, also are described.