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Donna Gloe represented ANIA on the planning committee for the February 21, 2004, HIMSS Nursing Informatics Conference. Along with many other nursing informatics organizations, ANIA was pleased to participate in planning an exciting program with speakers "from the trenches" providing real examples with practical lessons learned, and an afternoon of discussion with the concurrent physician conference regarding collaboration between the two professions to provide information technology solutions that enhance patient safety and quality patient care.


Increased Nursing Informatics Representation for ANCC

ANIA participated on a conference call to discuss additional representation for the ANCC Certification Examination from the nursing informatics organizations. Carol Bickford arranged the conference. The goal was to bring the nursing informatics organizations together to discuss how representation could be increased on the Content Expert Panel and Item Writers for the certification examination.


The discussion centered around how each organization could participate more fully in the needs of the certification examination and by increased participation earn additional discounts for continuing education credits and/or examination fees. The organization representatives had a great discussion about the cost of participation, the time commitment, and collaboration between the organizations. Several questions were raised and discussed. Some organizations have financial limitations while others may have other barriers to overcome to participate in a collaboration.


The only decision that was made was to continue the discussion after the Council met in November. ANIA was to provide answers to several questions and another conference call will be convened early in 2004 to continue the discussion.


If you have questions, please contact Donna Gloe at [email protected].


ANIA Annual Conference

The Annual Conference Planning Committee is going full speed in planning the 2004 Annual Conference in New Orleans, May 21-23, 2004. ANIA has contracted with Anthony J. Janetti, Inc, for conference management. This firm has a long history of successful conference management. The theme for the conference is Patient Safety & Security: Where Vision Meets Reality. It will be an exciting conference with an increase in exhibitor participation, reception, lunches, and a great program.


Abstracts need to be submitted as soon as possible so that the planning committee can finalize the program for publication. Put New Orleans on your calendar and join us for the education and fun. If you have questions, please contact Donna Gloe at [email protected].

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