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cultural care, cultural competence, cultural ways, Leininger, nurse, nursing, Transcultural Nursing Society



  1. Gunn, Jennie
  2. Bydalek, Katherine
  3. Rikabi, Gulenia
  4. Hammonds, Linda Sue
  5. Hebert, Warren
  6. Hughes, Cathy
  7. Lincoln, Beth


ABSTRACT: Nurses provide care for people of many cultures. Understanding the patient's culture and incorporating cultural beliefs and practices into care are important to the patient's holistic well-being. Cultural and professional awareness creates culturally congruent care. Biblical teachings remind us to love one another; laws require culturally appropriate care, and nursing theory lays the path for understanding. The purpose of this article is to present a Christian view of caring, the theoretical and ethical underpinnings of cultural care, and the organizational and legal aspects of doing what is right.