1. Springman, Nancy, MS, RN, FCN

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I was disappointed when I saw the photo on the February cover. The nursing student measuring blood pressure was doing it incorrectly. The standards for properly measuring blood pressure include the cuff being on a bare arm and having the arm at heart level resting on a table.


Nancy Springman, MS, RN, FCN


Richmond, VA


AJN clinical editor Betsy Todd responds:


You're right, of course. We were looking for an image of a blood pressure screening event in the community for our cover, and missed the imperfect technique shown in the photo. The guideline not to apply the cuff over clothing may not be critical with this particular form-fitting and nonbinding sleeve. But the woman's arm, while at heart level, should have been resting on a table or other support.


At community screening sites, sometimes technique suffers. We should strive for better. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of attending to both cuff application and arm position when checking blood pressure.