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feedback, performance, organizational culture



  1. Swain, Geoffrey R. MD, MPH
  2. Schubot, David B. PhD
  3. Thomas, Virginia MS, RN
  4. Baker, Bevan K. MHA, CHE
  5. Foldy, Seth L. MD
  6. Greaves, William W. MD, MSPH
  7. Monteagudo, Maria MBA


Three Hundred Sixty Degree Feedback systems, while popular in business, have been less commonly implemented in local public health agencies. At the same time, they are effective methods of improving employee morale, work performance, organizational culture, and attainment of desired organizational outcomes. These systems can be purchased "off-the-shelf," or custom applications can be developed for a better fit with unique organizational needs. We describe the City of Milwaukee Health Department's successful experience customizing and implementing a 360-degree feedback system in the context of its ongoing total quality improvement efforts.