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Report violations to NCSBN

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc., (NCSBN) recently reiterated its dedication to nursing regulation. Boards of nursing seek to protect the public by:


[white diamond suit] carrying out requirements of each state's Nurse Practice Act.


[white diamond suit] setting nurse license requirements. issuing licenses to appropriately prepared nurses.


[white diamond suit] determining violations of state Nurse Practice Acts for potential disciplinary action.


[white diamond suit] receiving and investigating the public's complaints on violations.


[white diamond suit] taking action against the license of a nurse found guilty of a violation.



The NCSBN urged employers, nurses, and the members of the public to report nursing violations to their state boards because without complaints, boards can't take action. Review contact information for your local board at



Latest outreach campaign launched

Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow (NHT) unveiled a new outreach campaign aimed at increasing the number of nurse educators available nationwide to teach in nursing schools and clinical settings. According to NHT, nursing schools have turned away thousands of prospective nurses in the past few years, primarily due to a lack of faculty. To further complicate this issue, faculty retirements are expected to increase over the next 10 years as competition for nurses with advanced degrees continues to grow.


In light of the connection between the lack of faculty and the nursing shortage, NHT's new campaign features four ads depicting nurse educators to encourage teaching careers, an outreach campaign to nursing journals and other media, a new nurse-educator career profile on NHT's Web site, and featured articles from the NHT newsletter for dissemination. For more information, visit


National Public Health Week runs from April 5 to 11, 2004. Visit for information and participation opportunities.