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empowerment, global, job satisfaction, mediator, structural



  1. de Almeida, Helena PhD
  2. Orgambidez, Alejandro PhD


Greater effectiveness of health care does occur with a more effective management of interpersonal processes. A working management environment, which ensures sufficient access to information, support, resources, and opportunities (structural empowerment), probably can promote a personal perception of capacity and effectiveness (global empowerment) in caregivers to achieve organizational objectives and job satisfaction. This study evaluated the relationship between empowerment and job satisfaction, supported by Kanter's theory of structural empowerment. This study used a convenience sample of 151 nurses from public Portuguese hospitals. The adjustment of the model and the effect of mediation were carried out with a structural equation model (path analysis) through the statistical software STATA. The results show the mediator effect of global empowerment on the relationship between structural empowerment and job satisfaction and the direct and indirect effects of "access to opportunities" in job satisfaction. Managers of these health units should consider that the more the work environment is characterized by having the resources, opportunities, and support indispensable to the good execution of the work by the nurses, the greater the global empowerment and job satisfaction. The results obtained can be an important contribution that can be adopted as a strategy in any health institution without any harm.