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burnout, mindfulness, resilience, wellness, work-life balance



  1. Yester, Marc MD


Work-life balance, burnout, and physician wellness have become an important focus over the last 20 years in the field of medicine. Significant work design and cultural changes are to blame for these newly recognized aspects of a physician's career and life as a whole. Unique aspects of the work environment in the United States not only contribute to these issues in the field of medicine, but also affect the US workforce at large. Stagnant responses from governmental bodies and private organizations have allowed the issue to worsen over time. Now with added attention from some leaders, both inside and outside the health care industry, along with the increasing body of research to guide these changes, there is hope for the necessary cultural change to address work-life balance, burnout, and physician wellness. Studies are available to identify the negative contributing factors, establish evidence-based prevention strategies, and help physicians to find their ideal work-life balance, avoid burnout, and achieve overall wellness. This article seeks to provide a brief background in the area of work-life balance, burnout, and physician wellness. It will also review key points of the current literature and provide a combination of solutions suggested by experts in the field.