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clinical care redesign, physician practice management, regulatory trends



  1. Spinelli, Robert J. MBA, MHA, DBA
  2. Dolde, Michaela MHA(c)


In today's health care industry, physicians face considerable regulatory and social trends that compel them to modify their practices-and these changes will continue throughout their careers. Emerging reimbursement systems are increasingly tying payment to quality metrics. To appropriately obtain and report patient data to payors, physician practices should adopt electronic health records. Physician practices have the opportunity to complete a clinical care redesign that meets the requirements of health care reform's focus on value-based care. With the shift toward value, patients are taking an active participation in their health care and are moving away from being patients to becoming consumers who demand transparency in their health care and costs. Social media platforms allow physician practices to market to and interact with their patients. In addition to these reforms and social trends, physician practices face the challenge of caring for an aging US population. With these challenges and trends, physicians are increasingly relying on physician practice managers to take on administrative duties. By incorporating physician practice management into health care-related programs, not only will health care programs' curriculum remain relevant to current and future health care trends, demands, and challenges, but also the programs will provide students with the competencies necessary to succeed in the health care field.