bioterrorist event, medication dispensing center, National Pharmaceutical Stockpile



  1. Beaton, Randal D.
  2. Stevermer, Andrew
  3. Wicklund, Julie
  4. Owens, David
  5. Boase, Janice
  6. Oberle, Mark W.


On January 24,2002, the Washington State Department of Health, in collaboration with local and federal agencies, conducted an exercise of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Pharmaceutical Stockpile dispensing portion of the Washington State plan. This exercise included predrill planning, training, and the orchestration of services of more than 40 dispensary site workers. These workers provided education and post-exposure prophylaxis for over 230 patient volunteers in the aftermath of a simulated exposure to B. anthracis. This article discusses findings of a postdrill questionnaire completed by 90% of these dispensary site workers who provided triage, education, dispensary, security and other services during this exercise. In general, this dispensing drill promoted confidence in the worker participants and provided an opportunity for these participants to coordinate their activities. This mock bioterrorist preparedness exercise allowed worker participants and observers to review and evaluate the Washington State plan for dispensing the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile. This article is apparently the first published account of dispensary site workers' subjective impressions and quantitative analysis of their postdrill opinions following a simulated bioterrorist post-exposure chemoprophylaxis dispensing exercise.