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Caring Science, Critical Reflection, Global Engagement, Global Partnerships, Graduate Nursing Education



  1. Horton-Deutsch, Sara
  2. Van Rensburg, Gisela


AIM: The aim of the study was to engage in a critical reflective dialogue through a purposeful and strategic process to build, enhance, and sustain global partnerships.


BACKGROUND: Expanding global health through partnerships necessitates a critical dialogue on shared values and understandings. Appreciating philosophical orientations, ethical perspectives, and broadening what counts as evidence serves to further inform scholarship and practice partnerships.


METHOD: We engaged in a critical reflective dialogue by exploring our experiences through a purposeful and strategic process where we described, examined, and articulated the learning that informs our partnership.


RESULTS: By listening to each other's stories, reflecting individually, and dialoguing together, we have shared and compared experiences that gave us more insight into how to build, enhance, and sustain our partnership.


CONCLUSION: Continuously examining issues and discussions around partnerships through a critical reflective process supports the development of shared values and meaning, strengthens connections, and leads to new knowledge for sustaining global health partnerships.