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* In her post "A Detailed Look for New Nurses at What Happens During a Code," AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy shares the story of her first code as a new graduate RN-and offers advice to new nurses on how to prepare (


* "I began questioning if everything happens for a reason as a pediatric intensive care nurse at the beginning of my career. Asking 'why?' is a natural response to watching a child suffer," writes oncology nurse navigator Julianna Paradisi in her post "Does Everything Happen for a Reason? One Oncology Nurse's Perspective" (


* In her post "'Batman Has No Superpowers': Inspiring Nurses as Leaders and Healers," AJN clinical editor Betsy Todd shares new ideas about leadership (



"While working with geriatric patients I attempted to be a shoulder to cry on. If the patient was comfortable enough with me I would ask if they needed a hug[horizontal ellipsis]. I feel that it is important to use the sense of touch while keeping safe and comfortable personal boundaries." "There is misleading information out there that is scaring people into believing that vaccines are dangerous. As a nurse, I want to provide evidence-based information to patients and people of the community to show the real facts about this issue." "Use of the arts and humanities when working with nursing or medical students is such a lovely way to teach and discover empathy and develop insight."




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* Jeffrey Kwong, author of "HIV Update: An Epidemic Transformed."


* Rose O. Sherman, author of "The Art of Giving Feedback."


* Edie Brous, author of "The Elements of a Nursing Malpractice Case, Part 2: Breach."


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