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  1. Naddour, Mouhib MD
  2. Kalani, Mehboob MD
  3. Ashraf, Obaid MD
  4. Patel, Kaushal MD
  5. Bajwa, Omer MD
  6. Cheema, Tariq MD


Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) has become a key tool in the management of cardiac and/or respiratory failure refractory to conventional management. Although ECMO has multiple indications, it has been widely studied for the management of acute respiratory distress syndrome in adults. ECMO provides rest and support while the damaged lungs heal. It is an invasive modality with risks of serious complications; therefore, clinicians should be vigilant during patient selection. Furthermore, users should be familiar with different components of the ECMO machinery and the management of different organ systems while patients are on the circuit. ECMO is a relatively new modality that has shown good results when used in certain circumstance, and its use is becoming more popular across the United States.