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  1. Shillam, Casey R. PhD, RN
  2. Clipper, Bonnie DNP, RN, CENP, FACHE
  3. MacLean, Lola DNP, RN


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this research study was to develop an innovative, standardized taxonomy for leader demographic data to gather consistent and comparable data across healthcare leadership studies.


BACKGROUND: Minimum data sets help ensure consistent data collection strategies for standardized comparison among similar variables across settings. A standardized approach to collecting demographic data of healthcare workforce leadership will provide the structure necessary for researchers to more adequately compare the role of demographic characteristics in research outcomes.


METHODS: This study was conducted using systematic literature review methodology with comparative analysis across demographic data sets. Two separate literature reviews were conducted: the 1st for studies of approaches to establishing minimum data sets and another for studies of healthcare leadership.


RESULTS: The outcome of this study is the Shillam-Clipper Leadership Minimum Demographic Data Set tool that includes a comprehensive list of minimum demographic variables applicable to healthcare leadership research, a glossary of operational definitions for the identified demographic variables, and a clearly articulated set of instructions for consistent and accurate data collection.


CONCLUSION: This standardized taxonomy will result in a consistent data set that will improve the effectiveness of comparative research.