1. Ritzman, Dana RN, CWOCN

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As a certified wound, ostomy, and continence nurse, I am always pleased to see articles related to ostomies. But when reviewing the Wound Wise article in your June issue, "Stoma and Peristomal Skin Care: A Clinical Review," I was disappointed to see that the photo shows a nurse working with an ostomy while wearing a glove on only one hand. All nurses need to use gloves when managing ostomy care. This is a basic infection control precaution.


Dana Ritzman, RN, CWOCN


Roseville, CA


AJN clinical editor Betsy Todd responds:


We chose this photo recognizing that the nurse elected to leave one hand ungloved for easier handling of the scissors and adhesive surface. As a longtime infection prevention and control nurse, I agree with her choice. The nurse is working with a skin barrier that has just been taken from its packaging on a skin surface that was just cleaned. Of course, it's essential that meticulous hand hygiene is performed both before and after this procedure to help ensure the safety of the use of one glove.