Send us up to 1,000 words on how being a mentor or mentee shaped your practice.


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Most professionals can identify a mentor whose guidance and influence left a lasting impact on their careers. Is there a mentor who had a significant effect on your practice? Or was there a time when you mentored someone and changed the course of his or her career? Would you like the opportunity to be published and win free registration to a national conference for nurse leaders? If so, Nursing Management wants to hear from you! For a chance to win a free registration to Nursing Management Congress2020 in Las Vegas, Nev., next September, send us an essay of up to 1,000 words.

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Your essay will be a personal account that shares one of two stories:


* how a mentor along your professional journey transformed or guided your career as a nurse leader and/or how you approach the job each day


* a time when you mentored someone and it made a difference in his or her career.



Please email your submission to Senior Managing Editor Coleen Stern at mailto:[email protected]. Submissions will be accepted through December 31. Along with free admission to Congress2020, the winning submission will be featured in a future issue of Nursing Management. Do you have an inspirational story about mentorship to share? Tell us about it!