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  1. Gholamalizadeh, Maryam MSc
  2. Doaei, Saeid PhD
  3. Shahvegharasl, Zahra MSc
  4. Hajiesmaeil, Mogge MSc
  5. Aminifard, Atefeh MSc
  6. Mosavi-Jarrahi, Alireza PhD
  7. Mohammad, Esmail Akbari MD
  8. Mirzaei Dahka, Samaneh BSc


This review examined the association between folate and risk of colorectal cancer and single-nucleotide polymorphisms in 4 genes coding for folate metabolism-related enzymes may be involved. Individuals with single-nucleotide polymorphisms in these key enzymes in the folate pathways may need different amounts of dietary folate to prevent colorectal cancer.