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Q-Core AP 34-M Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Q-Core Ltd. Is a leading developer of pump technologies for infusion drug delivery systems. The AP 34-M Ambulatory Infusion Pump is intended to improve patients' quality of life by allowing freedom of movement while receiving infusion therapies outside the hospital setting. The pump uses the company's Electromagnetic Flow Control (EFC(TM)) pump technologies along with a technological platform that leverages software algorithms to power the pump and valve applications. The software allows Q-core to produce a small pump that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Other product features include a graphic touch screen for data entry and optional remote supervision via a cellular network. For more information, contact Tali Bender-Assour at [email protected].


Sorenson Medical Expands ambIT Pump Line to Include Infusion Therapies for Chemotherapy and Antibiotics

Sorenson Medical has introduced new infusion pumps for continuous and intermittent medication administration. Both the ambIT Continuous and the ambIT Intermittent infusion pumps are intended for dedicated use, and cost less than multi-use pumps, allowing healthcare organizations to purchase multiple pumps and therefore treat a number of patients at once. The microchip technology used in the pumps allows ease of programming and versatility in drug delivery profiles, as well as the option to modify profiles during treatment. The battery-operated pumps also offer multiple flow rates and flexible infusion durations. For more information, contact...


Acacia Smart Safety Huber Needle Set

The Smart Safety(TM) Huber Needle infusion set is designed to eliminate accidental needlestick injuries and in particular "rebound injuries" during removal from subcutaneously implanted ports. Its unique safety mechanism deploys a sheath that covers the needle when de-accessing it from the implanted port. An audible "click" provides the clinician with confirmation that the safety feature has been activated. Other design features include: one-hand usage, push-button activation, secure easy grip, and integrated comfort pad. The device is offered with a wide-range of needle gauges, lengths, and needleless Y-sites. For more information, contact MPS Acacia, Brea, CA 800-486-6677 or

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