1. Section Editor(s): Angelini, Diane J. EdD, CNM, NEA-BC, FACNM, FAAN
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Article Content

The 33:4 Selected Topics Issue for the Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing (JPNN) covers a wide array of topics of interest to the perinatal and neonatal care provider. The perinatal section, in particular, includes a scoping review, an integrative review, a mixed-methods study, and a historic review. In addition, there are 2 online submissions.


Hall et al have performed a mixed-methods study on Healthcare Providers' Perceptions of Single Room-Traditional Maternity Models. This continuing education article compared job satisfaction and team collaboration of healthcare providers in both traditional and single room maternity care. It also explored how both models shaped provider practices.


Wright et al have written a scoping review on the Influence of Social Media on Intrapartum Decision-making. While it was found that social media has an influence on women's intrapartum decision-making, it is unclear exactly how this influence is used and what mechanisms are at play, suggesting further research is needed on how the content of social media is appraised, the accuracy of the information and its effect on intrapartum care.


The Impact of Communication Surrounding Intrauterine Congenital Anomaly Diagnoses is presented by Berry and Colorafi in an integrative review. The purpose was to examine the critical communication issues involved with fetal congenital anomaly and perinatal grief.


A historic review exploring the Impact of Science and Culture on Pain Management for Childbirth in the United States is presented by DiTomasso. This article not only examines the history of pain management during childbirth but describes the relationship between cultural attitudes and care practices.


A fifth article (online) by Dettwyler et al is also included, Certified Nurse Midwives' Experiences With Provision of Prenatal Genetic Screening: A Case for Interprofessional Collaboration by Dettwyler et al. This is an exploratory, qualitative study using grounded theory. Results showed 6 themes describing the experience of midwives in providing prenatal genetic screening. The sixth article (online) is by Dunn et al covering Complement Activation During Early Pregnancy and Clinical Predictors of Preterm Birth in African Americans Women. Excess activation has been associated with increased risk of preterm birth. The purpose of this article was to explore the relationship between complement activation and perinatal outcomes among African American women.


We invite the reader to peruse the perinatal columns, expert opinion, and parting thoughts within this issue. These columns cover the following topics: Shared Decision-making in Perinatal Care, the Rise and Coming of Age of the Electric Breast Pump, New Group B Strep Guidelines in Pregnancy, and Labor Support Is Hands-on Care.


In this issue of the Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing (JPNN), the neonatal section features a variety of articles on selected topics are relevant to nurses caring for newborns and their families. The topics included in this issue range from quantifying the impact of common feeding interventions on nutritive sucking performance using a smart bottle to mother's decisions about donating newborn blood spots for research purposes. We also learn about the experiences of parents in the neonatal intensive care unit and a network approach to neonatal palliative care. The neonatal section has published one online article from Dr Krzyzaniak, reporting on pharmaceutical care in Australian and Polish neonatal intensive care units. As always, I want to thank the neonatal expert columnist for providing unique insights on nursing practice and care of newborns and their families. It is always enjoyable to read and learn about a diversity of selected topics in this final issue of the year.


As always, thank you for reading the JPNN. Please reach out with any thoughts or suggestions for the journal. There are several great topic areas planned for the forthcoming issues of the journal, and we welcome your submissions!


-Diane J. Angelini, EdD, CNM, NEA-BC, FACNM, FAAN


Perinatal Editor


-Katherine E. Gregory, PhD, RN, FAAN


Neonatal Editor