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PATIENTS WITH DIABETES will need information and support to manage their disease. The following online resources can provide patients, families, diabetes educators, and other healthcare professionals with the latest research, support information, and tips for daily life with diabetes.


American Association of Diabetes Educators


Providing a wealth of patient resources and educator tools, this site offers patients with diabetes tip sheets and handouts for easier daily self-management and information on the benefits of working with a diabetes educator. A locator tool helps patients find a diabetes educator near them. Diabetes educators can find up-to-date accreditation and certification information as well as details about the evidence-based National Diabetes Prevention Program.


American Diabetes Association


The American Diabetes Association's website features diabetes prevention information, including facts about prediabetes, tools to assess a person's risk of diabetes, and tips to lower the risk.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


The CDC's online diabetes resources include a seven-question online quiz to help takers self-assess for prediabetes. Patients with diabetes can also visit the CDC's website to learn how to manage their disease with healthy food choices, physical activity, emergency preparedness tips, medication guidelines, and advice about equipment use.




The global leader in type 1 diabetes research, JDRF offers an online diabetes support team of volunteers who will answer emailed questions within 48 hours. The website can connect newly diagnosed patients with a JDRF outreach volunteer who can help them meet the challenges of living with diabetes. JDRF also offers support groups, forums, and information about type 1 diabetes research.