1. Carty, Barbara EdD, RN, FAAN

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Congratulations on your September/October 2003 issue of CINPlus on Nursing Informatics Education. However, the listing of schools omitted the graduate informatics program at New York University.


We have had a graduate nursing informatics program as well as a post-master's certificate program since 1998, graduating our first class in 2000. The program is strong in applied informatics and the students have more than 600 hours of clinical informatics experience, working in facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We have established a very effective network and the graduates of the program have created new positions and informatics roles in many of the facilities based on their knowledge, academic preparation, and innovative approaches to healthcare. The graduates have been employed by a variety of groups including vendors, consulting firms, major medical centers and application service providers as well as other healthcare agencies. The faculty are leaders in clinical informatics and they enrich the program with their expertise and knowledge.


We are firmly committed to the recognition of informatics as a specialty within nursing and endorse it as a major force for the future of nursing and healthcare.


Thank-you for the opportunity to provide information on the NYU program. Additional information can be obtained at our Web site: