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management, pain, palliative



  1. Rumsey, Christopher Michael DNP, RN-BC, NEA-BC, CHPN


The increased demand for palliative care services has led to concerns surrounding workforce knowledge and resiliency, specifically with regard to palliative pain management for patients with life-limiting illnesses. Educational preparedness of nurses along with best processes and practices is necessary to promote optimal care for patients requiring palliative pain management. Through analyzing Veterans Administration Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning data, a deficiency in short-stay self-reported palliative patient pain management at the Southwestern Veterans Administration Medical Center, a level 1B, tertiary care referral center was defined. Best practices in the palliative care industry were then identified, and a quality improvement plan in the form of a nurse-driven palliative care pain education hands-on simulation was generated to promote excellence in care. Quality improvement for short-stay palliative pain management at the Southwestern Veterans Administration Medical Center was the end goal.