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  1. Penoyer, Daleen PhD, RN, CCRP
  2. Fowler, Susan PhD, RN, CNRN
  3. Bennett, Melody MSN, RN, CCRN


Short peripheral catheters (SPCs) vary by design and materials. The investigators conducted a before-and-after study comparing catheter dwell time and complications with open and closed system SPCs. Many SPCs in the study were saline locks. Results showed that the closed system SPCs had a significantly longer dwell time than open system SPCs. Complications overall were few and not different between groups. Nurse survey ratings were more positive for reduced blood spillage and materials with the closed system SPC but favored the open system SPC for ease of use when handling the catheter and venipuncture. The most common reason for discontinuing the catheter was for patient discharge.